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Our products quality is 100% satisfied and according to customer expectation.  We want to build our customer trust to provide them high quality  products avoiding  with the number of fake products being sold in the market, as far as leather products commonly known ( Genuine Leather, Bounded Leather, Lamination Leather, PU Leather, Faux Leather and so on ). Hence  we are proud to mention that all of our products are made with high quality material and paid full attention. Our  leather products are 100% full-grain, the first layer or top-grain  cow/calf skin/buffalo and affordable price. we never make leather goods  with second layer of leather unless otherwise mentioned in the products description. 

Because each leather hide comes from a different animal that’s why they have some unique shade. 

Because of top-grade leather, there are some natural scratches from healed scrapes where the animal possibly brushed against a wired fence, to insect bites or thicker surface areas and neck wrinkles, or even vein marks.  These slight irregularities are incorporated into all real top grade products. Cows roam freely in their natural habitat and it’s only common that their hides carry the marks of their life story. These scratches are a proof that you are getting the first layer genuine cow leather.  

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