Frequently Asked Questions

This is not scam. This is real. Our products price are really low as compared to other ones in the market. We just want to provide our customers good quality product at very low price.

There is no any way to assure you this is real productor not and we will ship to you. You will have to prove your own when you receive your product at your winning bid.

Your item will be shipped in next business day.

Yes of course, just email or text us which color or size you need of winning item. We  will ship you what you choose.

Yes you have to register for bidding. Only serious buyers can participate in bidding.

We do not have any return/exchange or refund policy once item sold. All sales are final sales. We can not afford these expenses because our products price already very low. We are not making money like others.

Yes we use SSL certificate to make all credit/debit cards transaction safe. This is very common way other sites use to encrypt transaction data and make it secure.